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Bespoke software to improve business and productivity

Do you need software to be written?

Do you need a web based application?

Do your team need to access company data away from the office?

There are many applications that have given service for many years but are becoming hard to support. They may need to be replaced after an upgrade from an older version of Windows or even DOS.

Whether it's to replace an older system, to provide remote access to a business system or provide an e-commerce site, McMillan can almost certainly help. For many years, we have been writing software that's simple to use and doesn't cost the earth. We specialise business and web-based solutions.

Our service

Lots of companies offer development of web apps but most are primarily designers. They mostly produce marketing sites and their focus is on appearance. McMillan specialise in the processing side and data input and handling.

Do you need software to be written? Call us today (01787 829745 or or 07887 772743) or email us to talk about solution that simply works.


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