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This is a list of the projects on which I have worked. I've listed the client organisation, a brief description of the organisation and of the application. If you would like more information, please give me a call.


The biggest computer company in Europe at the time.
Stock control and order processing, building society accounting and payroll.

Marlow Microplan
A small engineering consultancy
Marlow Microplan had been granted the rights to algorithms to determine optimum cutting times of various processes. I was contracted to develop an application to estimating the costs of machine parts.

Own Company
I developed a software tool called Microscreens that provided forms input to Basic programs.
Some years later, I collaborated with Guildford Bourough Council to develop a town planning enforcement package. This was sold to some 25 councils.

Wallingford Software
Part of Hydraulics Research - one of the world leaders in water management.
Design of storm sewer networks (the ones that drain rainwater).

Elstree Software
A subsidiary of the Laing group
I was brought in to join a team developing a bill of materials application.

McMillan Greenly
I set up this company with one other director to develop and sell planning and building control software to local councils.

Shaw & Sons
A publisher
Shaws produce almost every form a solicitor or local council needs. They had been losing sales because people were printing forms with word processors. I created a software division for them and developed software that was sold to around 800 solicitors and most local councils.

A startup software and internet company
Sharedband had developed a patented technology to provide faster internet speeds by combining broadband lines. I was contracted to join the development team.

Silver Link Services
A small software house who had developed a debt collection application
I joined the team to implement the application in a large legal firm. Later I developed a major new module.
It had been intended that I should take over from a retiring director but I helped negotiate a merger with a larger company.

Tell Trail
An internet startup
Tell Trail were developing a social networking site. I managed a team of six developers and three designers.

Mutual Advantage
A small IT services company
Mutual Advantage had taken over an email and auto responder. I developed new modules and licensing controls for this.

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