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Next Steps

First we have a short conversation, usually be phone to see if it seems we can help you.

If we can, we will visit you and look into your existing system. This may be an existing computer system, or it may be an admin system. We talk to the people who will use the app.

We then come up with a proposed solution and give a guide price.

You may want to change the design of the app, and there will be one or more documents that describe how the app will look and work. Once that is agreed, we go away and develop the app.

After delivery, we enter a testing phase, and will correct any problems.


You will want a clear idea of price. Wherever possible, we will give a fixed price for the job. Unfortunately, in some projects there can be a lot of unknowns at the start. (A bit like taking a car into a garage that is making a nasty noise.) We can come up with a number of ways to control your budget.


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