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April 2018
Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Hypercat

The BSI contracted John McMillan to work with BT and IBM to investigate and document the work done by them. His contract included a review of the source code and hence preparation to make the resources available as open source.
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July 2017
John joins team of growing company

John has joined the team of Cambridge based company HiTeam, whose mission is to help companies grow and succeed. John will be working as a senior developer to guide juniors.

February 2017
Managing webcasts

John is contracting to On 24 to assist their clients run webcasts.

September 2016
Artist's web site

The latest project is to build a web site for Brazilian artist Lupe Cunha. This site shows Lupe's works and provides a shopping cart and interface to Paypal.

November 2015
Replacing legacy apps

McMillan won a number of contracts to replace old (often DOS) bespoke software. We used the latest web techniques to prpovide flexible, low cost solutions.

March 2015
Provision of APIs

John provided a number of APIs for the autoresponder software ARP Reach

August 2014
New blog launched

There is now a blog on the web site. This contains a series of tips on developing sowftware, and on commissioning bespoke software. See the blog or a list of posts.

June 2014
Major Software Project

John was brought in to project manage a large web site called Tell Trail. He managed a team of three designers and seven PHP developers. Several were contractors working outside the UK. Quite a challenge to manage and coordinate!

February 2014
Web Site Development

A web design company was in the process of building a major e-commerce site and engaged John to take over the project. There were some 100 pages, almost all of which needed work.
Sadly, the project had relied on inexperienced developers who had struggled to understand the needs of the site. It took all of John's experience to turn the project round and bring the project to a succesful conclusion.

August 2013
Another Kindle Book Published

John's new book "How to Market Your Business" has now been published. You can buy or preview it from Amazon (UK) or (USA and World). This covers everything you need to know about how to approach marketing.
(If you don't own a Kindle, Amazon provide free readers for PC, Mac and mobile phones.)

February 2013
John Interviewed on Radio

On February 24th John was interviewed by Ann Hawkins for the Business Hub programme on Star Radio in Cambridge. John's interview was aimed to share his long experience with listeners who are starting businesses.

January 2013
Kindle Book Launched

John has written a book called "How to Write Software for Sale". You can buy or preview it from Amazon (UK) or (USA). See details

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