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Do you need a computer program (a bespoke app) for your particular needs? McMillan Technology have a long experience in writing bespoke apps.

John McMillan is a software developer specialising in bespoke business software, working from Sudbury in Suffolk, close to Ipswich, Cambridge, and Colchester and Chelmsford in Essex. John and his associates provide programming and software engineering to a wide range of companies. We have worked on contracts from very small companies to some of the UK's biggest companies.

McMillan have developed apps from accounting to controlling drainage pumps. From production slips to bulk emailing. See some projects

What next?

Tell us what you need and we'll create a solution that's simple to use and yours. Many of our solutions can be accessible by an Internet connected device.

Get in touch (01787 829745 or 07887 772743) or email us and tell us what you're looking for.

Bespoke computer programming

Why use McMillan?

We can deliver many benefits to you:

  • Based locally. Face to face meetings are still the best. Overheads are low in Suffolk.
  • Long experience in developing software and working with computer users.
  • Reputation for understanding clients' requirements.
  • McMillan Technology can call on a wide range of experts when required. Often this provides better skills than bigger companies can.
  • Wide experience of business applications.
See some examples of our work

What our customers think

"John's knowledge and experience of database systems is unsurpassed, this capped with his ability to talk in plain English (thats rare for an IT expert!) make John a great choice for your IT consultancy needs. I have no problems in recommending John, and I am sure we will do more work in the future." - Scott Whitehead, Managing Director, Zest City

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Why use bespoke apps?

Standard packages and spreadsheets may offer short-term gain, but they can prove costly in the long run.

Find out why it's time to stop using work-arounds and invest in custom-built apps that offer the performance and versatility your business needs.

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Major clients

We have developed software for clients of all sizes including some household names:

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We also work for very small customers. No customer is too small.

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