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How to Write and Sell Software

"How to Write Software for Sale" is a Kindle book that describes what has to be done to write and sell an app or software. It's available from Amazon UK or Amazon USA.

The book covers:
Increasing Your Chances of Success
Planning the Project
Market research, goals, the right product
Different markets, users and types of software
Devices and platforms
Development software and programming languages
Platforms: PC/Windows, Apple Mac, web services
Mobile Devices: Apple, Android, Windows Mobile
Functional Design
How to go about the design, functional specification
Selling an In House System
Usability and Design
Increasing sales through quality
Things that go wrong
Delivering what the user wants
Program Design and Specification
Modular programming and object orientation
Version control
How to approach
Alpha and beta tests
Selling and Marketing
Charging and licensing
Marketing methods and pricing
Market segments - your target market
Promoting the product
The selling process
Evaluation methods
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