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I have written a series of articles and tips about software in this blog. There are 2 streams in the blog. One is aimed at companies who need to commission and use bespoke software. The other is general advice on software development and programming.

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Tips and advice on bespoke software

Controlling software costs See the post

Who owns the Software You’ve paid for? See the post

What is Bespoke Software? See the post

The different types of website See the post

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Advice on writing apps

Improving software quality with user documents See the post

Top software developers are 10,000 times more productive – really? See the post

I want to write an app: Where do I start? See the post

Creating Good Apps: Get the Design Right See the post

Before August 2014, I ran a blog away from this site. That contained general advice.

Do you Want to Make Money From a Computer Program? See the post

DVLA: A Spectacular Way to Get in Wrong See the post

Developing New Services: How Microsoft Started and Grew See the post

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