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The Basics of Marketing

"How to Market Your Business" is a low priced Kindle book that describes what any business needs to know about approaching marketing, mostly without spending anything. It covers all the basics, like SWOT analysis, market segments the four Ps of marketing and more. It guides the reader through the process of finding ideal customers.

If you don't own a Kindle, Amazon provide free Kindle readers for PC, Mac and mobile phones.

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How to Market Your Business and Increase Your Profits

This video introduces basic techniques to boost profits by finding the best customers.


Introduction to Marketing

If you get the marketing right and have the right management team, you will succeed.  This is a Powerpoint Presentation given to the Flying Start rally for students. It includes:

What Are Your Customers Actually Buying?

You may think you know, but if you really talk to your customers and see your business from their perspective, not yours, you could be in for a surprise.  Get this wrong and you will be in trouble, get it right and you could double your profits.

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The Importance of Market Segments

Successful companies dominate their market. This e-article describes how to shrink your market to a size you can dominate.

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How to Market Your Business