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Articles: Writing and Selling Apps and Programs

Kindle Book

How to Write and Sell Software

"How to Write Software for Sale" is a low priced Kindle book that introduces this subject. It starts by ways to increase your chances of sucess and covers the various platforms and goes on to explain how software houses design, develop and test software. Marketing, charging methods and licensing are covered.

If you don't own a Kindle, Amazon provide free Kindle readers for PC, Mac and mobile phones.

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How to sell a computer program

A 2 minute video talking about the issues in writing an app you want to sell.


How to Sell a Computer Program
A brief article covering the main points about how to sell a computer program. It covers matters like:

  • What is the right sort of program to sell
  • How to charge for software
  • Methods of selling programs
  • What a customer expects to do
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How to Sell Your Software
The same article under a previous name Read the article

Creating a Spin Out Company

Many universities and other research organisations have developed valuable inventions. They are aware that they can exploit these to bring in useful funds. This article outlines the process of spinning out and exploiting an invention.

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Technical Articles

How to Install Apache and PHP on Windows

It should take about 20 minutes to install Apache and PHP on Windows. Sadly the official documentation is incomplete and even inaccurate. Most versions of PHP and Apache are incompatible with each other. This piece tells you what works.

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Open Source Software

An introduction to open source software, presented to the Sudbury Chamber of Commerce. This explains how open source works, what is available and suggests a strategy to evaluate open source and Open Office.

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